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M&Ms edible cookie dough tub 113g

M&Ms edible cookie dough tub 113g

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Cookie Dough from M&M's candy!

Don't be a gold digger. We've got something better! The M&M's Spoonable Cookie Dough is just waiting for you to dig right in. 

Get the biggest spoon you can find and indulge yourself in pure deliciousness. 
This ready-to-eat cookie dough is tender and chewy with the added crunchy bits of M&M's Mini Chocolate Candies. In every bite, you get that famous M&M's Candy colourful crunch along with the creamy texture.
Serve up the fun and enjoy it right out of the container or add it on top of baked goods like cupcakes or cheesecakes. Need a tasty dip? Spread the yumminess around and dip your favourite cookies or crackers. Perfect mixed into a bowl of ice cream or even puddings!
Get the inside scoop on satisfaction with M&M's Spoonable Cookie Dough!
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